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I am 29 years old and my name is Danae Plume.
I live in Unterbach (Switzerland).

Where do I start :-) I am a Bodybuilder with a great interest in Pharmaceutical Compounds,
Chemistry and Biology. Being a top level Bodybuilder I of course must take performance enhancers to compete with others in the same field
but thanks to my interest in Chemistry am able to make my own, this is probably
a defining future of myself as I dont have too many other hobbies lol.

The processes of making Steroids from Steroid powders is quite
easy, the part that is hardest is actually finding a source so heres mine: buy steroid powder.
I make use of QualityRaws out of loyalty because they supplied guides on the websites on how to create steroid drugs from
Steroid powders so I feel like I owe them for helping me haha.
To be honest they are the only Company with high quality products anyway.
Cricket, Volleyball
Mathematical technician

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